Comm Ind Sales & Leasing

Wayne Sewell

Wayne Sewell is a passionate and highly respected member of both the Appleby family and the local community. Having served many years in development and leadership roles within the Knox Basketball Association, Wayne has been a leader and innovator in sports for over 20 years. An unprecedented network and a level of expertise unmatched in the market, Wayne is a natural when it comes to Real Estate. A sound knowledge of planning and development and razor sharp market awareness has cemented him as a true undisputed expert in his field. A true leader inside of the business, Wayne has helped mentor and develop the rising stars of the industry and continues to look for ways to improve and further expand his network along the way. Over the years Wayne attributes his success to his love of the local area, helping people achieve their dreams when investing in property, and a desire to see his customers getting the greatest result in the most trying of times. When looking to get the right advice, look no further than Wayne Sewell.